Olive Estate Lifestyle Village plans to offer an opportunity for those of a more active disposition to enjoy their increased leisure time and travel opportunities without the constraints of maintaining a full-sized family home. We believe that the ‘lifestyle’ phase of life should be about living life exactly as you want to; with the freedom to travel, spend time with friends and family, and the ability to come and go as you please – each time returning to a unique, comfortable and well cared-for environment. It is not about life slowing down but rather about being free to enjoy the things you value most.

As lovers of the land ourselves, it’s also important to us that the integrity and history of the Plains area we’ve selected be acknowledged and maintained. For this reason our planning has allowed for plenty of open spaces, walkways and entertaining areas to be incorporated into the design. We also intend to create a naturalised area by rehabilitating the site’s existing ponds and waterways in order to encourage the return of native birdlife to area.

The planned Olive Estate is also designed to ensure an open and easy flow of friends, family and neighbours into and around the setting. By establishing edible and landscaped gardens, outdoor entertainment areas, a cafe, a store and an amphitheatre, we anticipate that Olive Estate will provide an ideal environment for social gatherings, events and regular activities such as a farmers’ market.

Olive Estate is envisioned as a diverse, active, residential development – one that engages with people of all ages and remains connected and involved with the wider community.

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